At a time when being politically correct is at its pinnacle, I challenge this notion with my ability to poke fun of it and all of its more serious connotations. Hence, the birth of my fashion and cultural blog “West Village WASP. ” Wikipedia defines a “WASP” quite literally as a, “White Anglo Saxon Protestant.” While this may be true, the true nature of a modern WASP lies in his or her ability to make light of a such a heavy or serious term and make it less grave and more comedic. The term “Anglo Saxon” was used before the 1960s when the term “WASP” was more commonly used to define this group of people. Although I check off some boxes on the typical “wasp” checklist, I like to play against tradition and have some fun with my past and the present WASP culture that still exists. If we can’t make fun of our own waspy “pomp and circumstance”… who can we make fun of?

For example, Charlotte York, from the TV show Sex & The City, is one example of a modem day wasp:IMG_9863