Q & A With Teddy

 img_4508Wearing @novelswim

What is Teddy’s Job?
Therapy Dog with the Good Dog Foundation
Professional Dog Model
Taste Tester Enthusiast

Where was Teddy from and where does he currently reside?
Born in PA from a small family farm and now living it up in Brooklyn, NY.

What are Teddy’s interests?
Teddy enjoys spending time with many of the Instagram dogs of NYC. He’s a party animal. Whenever there’s a get together, Teddy is always down to go, especially if food is provided! 🙂
Teddy is a HUGE fan of road trips! He’s taken trips from wineries out in Long Island all the way to the back roads of Nebraska!
Teddy is a social fellow. He attends multiple events in New York City every month, and always enjoys meeting new people and pups. And! This year, he was certified as a therapy dog with the Good Dog Foundation, so he will be found in schools and community centers throughout the city helping humans through animal therapy.

Is Teddy dating anyone?
Teddy has a girlfriend named Sawyer (Found on social media as #sawyersaurus) sister to @puppynamedcharlie. Whenever they see each other, they can’t keep their paws off one another! They’ll play all day if you let them!

What are Teddy’s favorite outfits?
Loves wearing button-ups and usually is found wearing round spectacles or sunglasses.
What are Teddy’s favorite West Village or NYC restaurants?
We LOVE DBA! An amazing dog friendly bar in the East Village. The staff is so friendly, and they remember Teddy when he walks in.

What are some interesting facts about Teddy?
Teddy is a very sentimental doodle. He adores flowers. He is the type of pup to casually take time to do what he wants. He literally, stops to smell the roses! 🙂

Does Teddy have a charity or cause that he supports?
Last April we threw a fundraising party for Teddy’s 1st birthday along with his best friend @kodydoodle. The event was called Woofstock and we raised over $600 for @fosterdogsnyc, an AMAZING local rescue organization! We love them!


Wearing a @Mersur Caftan



Stealing @SeamlessThread pink panties


Teddy’s Owner:   Karlene Grinberg
Owner’s Occupation:   Executive Assistant for the Earl McGrath Art Estate