Question & Answer With Prince

What is Prince’s Job?

Prince does not work, others work for him: He has a full time groomer (Hair of the Dog, Dog Spa), personal chef (Doggy Chef), and stylist (The Dog Styler). He also employs his Mom, who is his personal assistant (booking his travel around the country) and walking him.


Where was Prince from and where does he currently reside?

Prince was a gift for Sara! Currently residing on the Upper West Side, Manhattan.
What are Prince’s Interests?

Traveling first class back and forth to Northern California (Prince’s Grandpawents live there and so he goes to Nappa to be spoiled once a month).

Going to the spa every Friday night. Literally every Friday night Prince goes to Hair of the Dog spa for a full grooming and treats. Prince loves the specialty tie collection. He gets a new tie every week.

Getting personally styled by The Dog Styler for all the latest fashions.

Is Prince dating anyone?

Whenever anyone suggests a girlfriend we all just laugh because those who know him know he only loves his Mom (and always will)!

What are Prince’s favorite outfits?

Prince has a luxurious coat that he hates to cover up – so his best outfit is being au natural. Some pups are just blessed like that.
What are Prince’s favorite restaurants or hangouts?

You can likely find Prince in a VIP Uber riding around town. He hates staying in one place, or frequenting the same place twice, he always has to jet around. Prince prefers a private chef, The Doggy Chef. He gets his meatballs and chicken salad hand delivered once a week by very cute French ladies (who he flirts with). Prince prefers Doggy Chef dinner parties at his Upper West Side residence, but occasionally will go downtown for Starbucks coffee with his friend Quincy the poodle.

What are some Interesting facets about Prince?

Prince has not had his hair cut since he was a baby. He is now over two years old and has such a glorious coat he gets a full grooming by Hair of the Dog, Dog Spa once a week. He has a natural ombre style that other dogs and humans can only dream of having!

What Charities or causes does Prince support?

Prince realizes his life can be a bit… extravagant. He loves to bring new toys and gifts to others pups as they are waiting for find their forever homes.




Owners:  Sara and Zach Lebwohl

Owner’s Occupation:  Zach (Dad) works in Real Estate, Mom is a stay at home Dog Mom