With a renewed sense of youth (thanks to Botox and all of the wonderful skincare companies I work with), I have found myself missing that sense of freedom and escape, which both the open road and an amazing car provide.This brings me to my current predicament of deciding which breed, pedigree and personality traits I am looking for in a vehicle.

Cut to 2019: I am currently on the hunt for a new car to take me through the next stage of life. Shortly after starting this search, renting many vehicles and testing out friend’s cars, I discovered a lot has changed in the realm of technology, attractiveness and options. I am a millennial, so of COURSE I want to optimize every single possible aspect of my life—from food delivery to dating to getting from one destination to the next in the fastest, smoothest and most comfortable way possible. Let the courting begin!

After exploring some options, I thought: Let’s start with what I know from experience to be a safe, reliable, attractive brand with a great reputation—Lexus. Over this past Christmas Break,I teamed up with Lexus and decided to test the Lexus ES 350 F Sport because, hellooo, I’m a young adult and I play sports (golf or tennis, anyone?) And, honestly, what’s sexier and more youthful than a sports vehicle?!  As a result, I tested out the ES 350 F Sport, which is currently available in an adventurous color known as “Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0” (the name trademarked by Lexus itself.)

For anyone who has ever driven a Lexus you know the only words that can accurately describe driving this care are “smooth.” I not only drove this car home to North Carolina and back but, also, went for a day adventure to Roaring Gap, N.C. to test this car on some winding roads up a mountain. No matter which bumpy and windy road I tested my coffee never spilled. The internal dashboard was filled with the latest technologies integrating every Apple app on my IPhone to Alexa and it’s own custom Lexus app know as “Enform” to help access everything I could possibly need for an amazing and connected ride.


After reading up on the latest in luxury cars I learned some of the most informative facts key differentiating facts of the Lexus ES 350 F Sport include:

–          The all-new ES is the first Lexus model to fully integrate with Amazon Alexa, allowing for seamless home-to-car and car-to-home access. In addition to Alexa’s standard features like listening to audiobooks and hearing news briefings, users could start their Lexus remotely or turn on any smart devices at home from their car.

–          Strikingly styled from the ground up, the first-ever ES F SPORT provides dynamic performance not typically found in this segment.

–          With Apple CarPlay in the all-new ES, you can easily make calls, get directions, send text messages and listen to music via the navigation display.


Check out our adventures below first on our day trip to Roaring Gap, NC where you can see Pilot Mountain in the Background.


Next check out our day tour at the Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem, NC:

To learn more about Lexus and the new Lexus ES 350 F Sport click on the following link for colors, pricing and a more statistics:


As far as luxury vehicles go in terms of pricing and value I give this a rave review and look forward to testing out other Lexus rides to report back and compare.