After attending the Far Hills Race this past Saturday known as “The Hunt,”  I realized how important it was to be in college in order to attend.  As a result I took one long open-eyeballed gaze into my friend Breanne’s (@lightmystyle) eyes and in that moment we decided, “if you can’t beat them, join them!” (It’s amazing how well friends can read one facial expression and derive meaning from it). So then we joined the SAE’s at Cornell truck for a keg stand and the rest is history!


Shop my “The Hunt” outfit below (taken outside of my favorite Southern West Village restaurant called, “Cowgirl”:


 The Neclace was purchased from “Tibetan Handcraft” my favorite West Village go-to for Stand-out handcrafted pieces. The store is located on 117 Greenwich Ave or www.TibetanHandcraft.Us