One can only dream about the fantastical and decadent world that F. Scott Fitzgerald created in his fictional masterpiece The Great Gatsby that explored the idealism and excess of the fabulous time period known as the “Roaring Twenties.” Oh, the fabulous parties millionaire Jay Gatsby would throw with the most beautiful people, beautiful fashions money could buy, breathtaking old cars and LOTS of alcohol.  Everything to EXCESS.


As I got to witness the recession while living in NYC I have seen a change in excess in the way everyone would live and how much they would spend on a typical night out. Therefore, I though why not try and recreate this excess and time period while home in my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC over the Christmas holiday. However, just because something is glamorous does NOT mean it has to be expensive. Every single item below is $195 or under and worth every penny!



These BILL Frames from Red’s are my newest favorite obsession and currently 15% off!







This pineapple gold corkscrew wine opener is only $35 and perfect to outfit your Roaring Twenties bar!