On the third day of Christmas @the_kardoggians said woof woof with glee, PLEASE read @elfontheshelf to me ????(Can you spot Kimchi & the elf?) ????Ring your bells and donate to @dyslexiaida ????



-The International Dyslexia Foundation-

Learning to read and reading are paramount to navigating life—both inside and outside of the classroom. For children and adults with dyslexia, a neurological condition that causes reading and literacy difficulties, literacy capabilities can be thwarted if not assessed and treated. With proper educator training for teachers, additional research and ongoing public awareness of this condition, The International Dyslexia Foundation aims to bring support to help both children and adults with dyslexia. Please click here to donate and learn more about the impactful work this organization is doing:







(Shot at Barnes & Noble on 14th Street by Union Square).

  • Images shot by fellow influencer Emily Byrski of: @empirestyleofmind
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